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Join Goin’ Off Safaris and explore the pristine landscape that is Eyre Peninsula- Australia’s Seafood Frontier. With countless world-class experiences on offer, complemented with succulent fresh seafood and experienced local guides - Goin’ Off Safaris can tailor make an adventure to suit you.

Enjoy everything the Eyre Peninsula has to offer- from exhilarating shark cage diving, swimming with Sea Lions and four-wheel driving over towering sand dunes to inshore and offshore fishing charters in stunning Coffin Bay.

Goin’ Off Safaris has a range of packages to suit you, or you can invent your own! Contact us now, your adventure awaits!

Room Type Price Description
Hunt & Gather Safari (2 nights) $300+ This package takes you to fishing spots only known by locals to hunt and gather some of the freshest and tastiest seafood around! Then have your catch of the day prepared by your personal Goin’ Off Safaris chef!
The Australian Farming Safari (2 nights) $300+ Aside from the well-known seafood industry, the Eyre Peninsula is a mecca for other farming processes. From dry-land cropping systems, to sheep and cattle, to yabby and marron farming- there is a huge abundance of different farming systems to explore
Supreme Seafood Safari (3 nights) $300+ Explore Australia’s Seafood Frontier- Eyre Peninsula, in this 3-day adventure. Learn all about the industry that has put Eyre Peninsula on the map, and taste the produce fresh from the sea.
Hook & Sinker Fishing Safari (4 nights) $300+ Fancy yourself as a fisherman? Then this is the package for you. Over 4 jam-packed days you will target everything from the tasty King George Whiting and Flathead to the mighty Bluefin Tuna, Snapper, Nannygai, Blue Morwong…the list goes on!
Deluxe Day Trips (full day tours) $300+ Choose from our range of day trips exploring the best backyard in Australia- the Eyre Peninsula. From the calm and tranquil waters of Coffin Bay to the raw and rugged coastline of the Great Australian Bight- all in a day’s drive!
Ocean Adventure (3 nights) $300+ Swim with Sea Lions, Dolphins and Southern Bluefin Tuna in this exciting 3-day package. Surf fish on a secluded beach and explore Coffin Bay on aboard the Coffin Bay Explorer.
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